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Road Awareness and Changing Behaviours

Year 11 students were involved in a valuable Road Awareness Program (RAP) presented by the Metropolitan Fire Service.

Students heard from MFS Fireman Duane Schultz on his experiences working in road crash rescue, and from serious crash survivor Daniel Woolley, who was left with lifelong injuries and disabilities as a result.

The aim of the presentation is to assist students in evaluating their attitudes and behaviours as drivers and road users, reduce the number of lives lost on our roads to zero, and keeping our mates and family safe.

Students assessed what type of driver/road user they were prior to the RAP presentation, and what they intend to be moving forward.

Young entrepreneur turns passion into a career

Year 10 student Indiana Tamke has created her own career path as a young person passionate about the hair and beauty industry.

A qualified lash technician and an entrepreneur with a hair braiding business and pamper parties for kids, this talented teen has already been acknowledged by industry for her skills and ambitions. Recognised in the Top 10 ‘Girls who Soar’ 2022 SA Woman Australia Awards, receiving an encouragement award for her achievements and aspirations.

Indiana created her first side hustle at 13 years of age, selling relishes and jams at local markets. Adding hair braiding to her repertoire, as a young dancer inspired to braid her own hair, she is now a hair artist crafting colourful braids and styles for all to enjoy.

“I started braiding around 14 and got to do the Adelaide and Gawler Shows. Last year I then introduced colours in braiding, and it’s just kicked off from there.”

Her business Upstyle – Hair, Lash, Beauty was created to provide a service that was affordable and to “make people feel good about themselves”.

“I do it all myself… I get my lashes done and do my hair, and I just wanted to do if for other people.”

“I love making everyone feel very confident and excited when they come over and it’s a very family-friendly environment where you can bring your kids.”

Indiana’s skills and talents caught the eye of Heart ‘n’ Soul Hair Studio at a recent week of work experience in the Gawler business.

“I did work experience and the manager was talking to me in the colour room about an apprenticeship and I said “yes”. I still wanted to finish my schooling for my SACE and then she offered me a school-based apprenticeship.”

Indiana’s passion and attributes are empowering her to become a future leader in her industry.

“I’m most proud of how far I’ve come in the beauty industry. That I’ve gained my apprenticeship and already started doing what a second-year apprentice would do.”

“If you are thinking about starting a trade career or business, don’t let anyone bring you down about what you love. Follow your dreams!” #sptcstudentstories







An apprentice butcher

Year 10 student Marcus Doman recently commenced a career in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher) as a school-based apprentice with The Butchers Secret – Angle Vale. He was offered an apprenticeship after undertaking work experience with the business. 
“I considered a career in Meat Processing because of my passion for cooking and knife skills,” Marcus said.
“It’s been my passion for some time, and I just really enjoyed my work experience at The Butcher’s Secret.”
“Working here, I have learnt how to correctly sharpen a knife, different cutting types, and I mostly enjoy learning how to use the mincer and getting to know everyone.”
With a high demand for people to enter the butchery trade, Marcus wants to encourage others interested in the food industry to consider the vocational pathway.
“I would say do what your heart desires and give it a go! There’s a lot to learn and it isn’t as bad as people say it is.”

National Skills Week, 21-27 August, shines a light on vocational learning and the varied and attractive career opportunities. Through his Certificate III in Meat Processing VET course, Marcus will acquire the skills and knowledge to compliment his on the job-learning. He is earning an income and working towards obtaining a nationally recognised qualification. #sptcstudentstories

Tempting Taste Buds for SACE

Let’s start with a Trio of Dips, followed by a main dish of Lamb Kofta, and finish with a delicious light Semolina Cake, sweetened with a simple sugar syrup.
This menu forms part of Zoe Farmer’s Stage 2 Industry Connections major assessment project. The Year 12 Food & Hospitality student has planned, organised, problem-solved, and produced a well-rounded menu to entice the taste buds.
“My inspiration for the menu came from the Lamb Kofta we made in the Certificate II VET training and so I built everything around the main course adding a Lebanese desert and a trio of dips for an appetiser.” – Zoe
Zoe’s passion for cooking and the skills she has acquired through her Certificate II in Cookery (SIT20421) has allowed her to directly apply her trade skills and knowledge to produce her project and make connections to the food and hospitality industry.