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Cementing a Great Future

Year 11 student Mary Mannion has poured her skills and talents into an engaging and productive week of work experience with Zagari Concrete.
Assisting in a Catholic Education South Australia school site project, Mary learnt new trade skills working alongside a highly experienced team of concrete contractors engaged in the $50 million Nazareth College Third Campus project, constructed by Kennett Builders.
“Mary received comprehensive training on all the stages of decorative concrete and actively participated in the entire process, including boxing up the site with timbers, laying plastic, placing Sl82 Mesh, preparing for concrete pour, trowelling the concrete, and washing it down to expose the aggregate. To work on this commercial site, Mary underwent a thorough induction with the Kennett’s project team.” – Nikola, Zagari Concrete Project Assistant and Estimator.
Mary made quite the impression, with Zagari Concrete offering her casual employment as she continues her secondary education and further develops her work and trade skills.
Thank you to the team at Zagari Concrete for mentoring Mary, providing her with the opportunity to demonstrate her talents, and for supporting the College’s work experience program.

Industry Immersion

Our aspiring hairdressers and stylists were hands-on at a recent industry immersion day in TAFE SA Elizabeth’s training salon.

Gaining a glimpse of the learning involved in the Certificate II in Salon Assistant, the Year 10 students were pampered by our students currently enrolled in the course and practised their own styling skills.

The immersion day provided our Year 10 students with valuable and meaningful insight into the industry, the practical skills gained, and hair and beauty pathway options.

TAFE SA is the registered training organisation providing VET training for our Hair & Beauty students. Our students keen to embark on a hair and beauty career enrol in a Certificate II in Salon Assistant (SHB20216) or a Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics (SHB20121).

Year 10 Subs In School program

This term, Year 10 students have been involved in the Subs In Schools program with the opportunity to collaborate with industry and to foster their STEM learning.

Mentored each week by P-TECH Australia partners Saab Australia, students received one-on-one industry guidance from mentors within the Saab Graduate Program, who have assisted students in understanding the complexities of underwater design, electronics, and mathematics.

Students have designed and built a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) required to be buoyant and have the capability to move in all directions. The program has introduced students to design, engineering and manufacturing and strengthened their ‘soft skills’, including teamwork, problem solving and communication.

As part of the P-TECH Australia (Pathways in Technology) program, mentoring with key industry partners provides an education-industry collaboration and industry-supported pathways for students to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Assembling D Gutters

Gutters are an important fixture on buildings, running along the side of a roof and channelling rainfall to downpipes to protect buildings from water damage. During a recent VET training day with PEER trainer Brittany, our Year 11 Plumbing students were on the hand tools building a 125mm D gutter with a stop-end and a downpipe pop.

Applying basic sheet metal practices, students cut galvanised sheet metal, folded bends, used a sheet metal roller and various hand tools, including groove seaming tools, aviation snips, square nose pliers, rivet guns, and applied a silicone gutter sealant to make sure of no leaks!

Year 11 Plumbing - D-Gutter

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