St Patrick’s Technical College works with an extensive network of employers, industry associations and group training organisations to source and promote opportunities for students to start their trade careers through an apprenticeship or traineeship. These employment pathways provide an individual with the opportunity to learn real skills in the workplace while completing a nationally recognised qualification and earning a wage.

The College has a primary focus on helping students succeed through an apprenticeship, traineeship or study pathway. Although an apprenticeship cannot be guaranteed, our Apprenticeship and Pathways Mentor will source and promote opportunities, working with students, families and employers to assist in increasing their chances of success.

Students who successfully gain an apprenticeship will either remain enrolled at the College, completing their Year 10, 11 or 12 SACE requirements as a School Based Apprentice or Trainee, or will choose to exit the College due to gaining a Full-time Apprenticeship.

School Based Apprenticeships

A School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBAT) is where students start working on an apprenticeship or traineeship (paid employment) while remaining enrolled at the College to complete their SACE requirements. SBATs are a great way to earn and learn, gain workplace skills and get a head start in a career.

St Patrick’s Technical College takes pride in its unique SBAT model. The College works with the student and their employer to provide a flexible timetable, accommodating both the SACE and apprenticeship requirements. In Year 10 and 11, apprentices work with their employer in a part-time capacity, and if required, increasing their working hours during school holidays. Year 12 apprentices work to a full-time capacity, spending up to a minimum of 42 weeks at work and returning to the College for a maximum of 6 weeks to complete their SACE requirements.

The College’s dedicated Apprenticeship and Pathways Mentor is available to provide support and assistance throughout the process, making the transition a seamless process for all parties involved.

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