Bright sparks welding towards a future career

Yr11 Metals_Century Eng Welding_1 (Demo)

Year 11 Metals & Engineering students have been advancing in their MIG welding skills by undertaking workshops led by Century Engineering, a specialist engineering company in Edinburgh North. Andrew Sinclair, Andrew Solomon and our very own school-based apprentice Christopher Skelton, employed by Century Engineering, have been instrumental in progressing students’ skills and competence in welding.

Students were set the task of fillet welding, a process of joining two pieces of metal together when they are perpendicular or at an angle. The aim is to have all students confident in their welding and to the Australian Standard 1554. Once welds are complete, the pieces will be sent to Intertek for inspection, product testing and finally certification.

The workshops form part of the P-TECH (Pathways in Technology) program at the College, allowing for collaboration and partnership with industry to help support education and training in industry pathways and strengthen students’ employability prospects.

Working in collaboration with industry is integral to developing students’ skills and knowledge and these workshops have also provided an opportunity for some friendly competition. Awards for Best Welder, Best Theory and Best All-rounder will be announced, and students presented with prizes thanks to Century Engineering.