Electrical wiring installation

Year 11 Electro Wiring Instal_Hero

Year 11 Electrotechnology students have utilised their Stage 1 Cable Supports and Pathways to continue into the next phase of their wiring installation. PEER trainer Tony has guided our students through the installation of lighting, power and data cables as part of their Stage 2 Installation of Cables.

Students have learnt how to make their own cable drop & pull chain to install cables into the wall cavities. The lighting will be wired so the end user can control the same lights from 4 separate locations.

In the last weeks of the Term 4, students will terminate light fittings, power outlets and data outlets, then terminate the circuits into earthing systems, circuit breakers and switchboard controls.

The final stages of the installation will include the dead testing (power off), introduction of live power (18 volt DC batteries), then final live commissioning (power on) – making sure it all works! All circuits will be protected by an RCD (safety switch).

Year 11 Electrotechology

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