Employ an apprentice

St Patrick’s Technical College has successfully worked with over 400 employers to place over 1000 apprentices since 2007.

How it works

Students commence Year 11 at St Patrick’s Technical College in February and attend full-time until mid-November. Upon successful completion of Year 11 they are eligible to commence school-based apprenticeship as part of their final year.

At this point, the College actively promote eligible students to employers for an apprenticeship as they:

  • can start work immediately;
  • have undertaken formal pre-vocational training in their trade;
  • have spent several weeks on work experience to ensure they are ‘work-ready’;
  • can commence work effectively full-time.*

* There are six weeks during their Year 12 year that the student-apprentice is required to attend College. These weeks are scheduled and advised well in advance. If a particular week conflicts with an employer’s workload or attendance at the employer’s selected Registered Training Organisation (RTO), the College timetable is flexible enough for us to negotiate more suitable arrangements. In addition there are a small number of evening classes scheduled through the year that student-apprentices must attend. These should not affect the employer.

Employing a StPatsTech apprentice

In all other ways, St Patrick’s Technical College school-based apprentices are employed in the same way as full-time apprentices. A Registered Training Organisation or Apprenticeship Centre liaises with the College and student to deliver the trade training that works best for the employer and apprentice.

What StPatsTech will do

A member of our team will monitor the student-apprentice’s progress and is available to offer any assistance as required.

Employer enquiries

For further information about working with us to source a suitable apprentice, please contact our Apprenticeship & Traineeship Manager, Ms Alicea Sherin, on 8209 3700.