Father’s Day 2018

Father's Day (Demo)

For two St Patrick’s Technical College brothers, working on projects together has seen them maintain a close bond with their father.

Tyson, 18, and Cameron, 16, Anderson said they love to spend time with their dad, Michael, learning new skills and building closer bonds.

Mr Anderson owns Carpet Giants at Salisbury Plains and Tyson said despite his father’s busy schedule, he always spendd quality time with the brothers.

“Dad has taught us so many things. Nearly every time we are with him he is teaching us something new,’’ Tyson, who is a Year 12 Building and Construction student, said.

“Last weekend I learnt to concrete and we are working on pulling apart quad bikes. Cameron is in the automotive program at StPatsTech, so dad is doing this so Cameron knows how to rebuild an engine.’’

Tyson said one of the best things about working on projects together with his father and brother, was they were able to talk through other issues which may be affecting their lives.

“Dad is always asking us if we are okay because he knows how difficult times can be,’’ Tyson said.

St Patrick’s Technical College principal Danny Deptula said it was important for fathers to keep the lines of communication open with their children and connecting through trade skills was a great way to build stronger bonds.

“Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for families to come together and appreciate fathers. I would like to wish all the dads in our community a very happy Father’s Day,’’ Mr Deptula said.