Geoff Goodfellow vists St Pat’s

GGoodfellow (Demo)

We were most fortunate to have renowned South Australian poet, Geoff Goodfellow, visit St Patrick’s Technical College today. He addressed our Year 11 cohort and delivered many of his poems.

Geoff’s poetry deals with a broad range of subjects; from life in the workforce, relationships with parents, as well as poems about his experiences with head and neck cancer. In particular, students enjoyed the poems Don’t Call Me Lad and The Seventh Doctor.

The Year 11s responded really well to Geoff’s poems and his entertaining, engaging public speaking style.

Geoff also delivered a strong anti-drug and anti-smoking message to our students, made even more powerful given his personal experience with throat cancer, which Geoff believes was a result of his smoking.

We were able to purchase two copies of Geoff’s new release of collected poems, Opening the Windows to Catch the Sea Breeze. This is a collection of Geoff’s poems from 1983-2011.

We have also added Geoff’s book, Waltzing with Jack Dancer: A Slow Dance with Cancer to our College library. Both of these texts will be used in our Workplace Practices and English classes.

It was fantastic to have Geoff here at the College and we look forward to a visit from him next year.

Annasofia Hamilton
Hair & Beauty / Food & Hospitality Coordinator
Workplace Practices Coordinator