Industry connections

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The College has fantastic industry and business connections providing our students with invaluable insights into trade pathways and opportunities for work trials, work experience, and apprenticeships.
Over several weeks in Term 1, students in Year 11 have attended presentations from STIHL, Pipe Weld Australia, TAPS – Trainee and Apprentice Placement Service, and Stevens Group – businesses passionate about their industries and training apprentices as the next-generation of skilled workers.
Thank you to the following presenters:
Steve and Martin – STIHL
Max, Taz, and Hayden (#StPatsTech Old Scholar) – Pipe Weld Australia
Ricky and Nikkia – TAPS – Trainee and Apprentice Placement Service
Layton – Stevens Group (Structural Steel and 1st Fix Carpentry)

Industry Connection - STIHL

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