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St Patrick’s Technical College and our UK partner school, The JCB Academy, are happy to announce that our Australia / UK Exchange program is back for 2016/17.  In September this year, we will be sending a group of StPatsTech students and staff to our partner University Technical College in Staffordshire, while in February 2017 we will welcome a group from the UK visiting us here in Adelaide.

The JCB Academy is a similar school to St Patrick’s Technical College.  Established in 2010 as part of the UK University Technical College program, the curriculum and learning techniques at the school allow students to combine theory and practical activities with a strong practical focus.

Like St Patrick’s, The JCB Academy has strong links with industry.  JCB, the world’s third-largest construction equipment manufacturer, is the College’s major backer.  Lead by JCB Group Chairman, Sir Anthony Bamford, local business leaders have shown significant support for this educational venture by providing equipment, expertise and engineering staff to assist College staff in the delivery of pre-apprenticeship and pre-tertiary Engineering courses.

Since 2012, staff from St Patrick’s Technical College have visited The JCB Academy to share information and expertise in the field of vocational education and training.  Many of the learnings from these experiences have been implemented here at Edinburgh North, while in Staffordshire our flexible approach to pre-apprenticeship programs has been adopted.

In 2014 a group of students and staff from St Patrick’s visited The JCB Academy on our inaugural exchange program which was reciprocated with a group from the UK visiting Adelaide in February 2015.

We are pleased to offer our 2016 Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to participate in the next round of the exchange.


An Information Evening for students and their families wishing to learn more about this opportunity will be held at St Patrick’s Technical College on Thursday 18 February, 7-8pm.

REGISTER to attend using the on-line form, contact the College Administration on 8209 3700 during school hours, or email with the name of the interested student.


Where is The JCB Academy?

The JCB Academy is located in the village of Rocester, Staffordshire.  It is approximately 30km west of the city of Derby and 30km to the east of Stoke-on-Trent.  The exchange will fly into Manchester (approximately 100km north) as the nearest major airport.

When will the exchange take place?

We plan to leave on Friday 23 September and return to Adelaide on Monday 10 October.  This is the final week of term 3 and first week of the holidays.

How many students / staff will be going?

Two staff members will accompany a group of up to six students.

Where will students stay while on the exchange?

Students will be hosted by families with students attending The JCB Academy.  These families will be subject to an application and screening process conducted by the Academy with the successful students selected to visit Australia in February 2017.

How much will the exchange cost?

Based on the 2014 exchange, we estimate the cost at being $3000 – $3500.  This will include return airfares, accommodation, transfers, travel insurance and all planned activities.  It does not include spending money.

What sort of activities will students be involved in while on the exchange?

Students will join in regular Academy classes throughout the two weeks which may incorporate working on a joint project with their host students.  Students will visit a number of the Academy’s local industry partners, including JCB World Headquarters and Rolls Royce, as well as some local attractions including St George’s Park and a local pottery.  There will also be a number of social activities with host students, a weekend in London and a Premier League football match.  A detailed program will be discussed at the Information Evening in February.