Master plumbers in the making

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One of St Patrick’s Technical College’s major partners when it comes to employing plumbing apprentices is the Master Plumbers Association of South Australia. As well as supporting the College’s programs and students through their group training scheme, the Master Plumbers were a supporter of our awards program in 2015. This partnership is producing great opportunities for students as we recently discovered.

master_plumbers_sa1_222x222Last week we were contacted by Steven Prisk, a Master Plumbers field officer, with an update about some St Patrick’s Technical College graduates he is currently working with.

Following last year’s Graduation Dinner, our Class of 2015 Student of the Year, Peter Stamatelopoulos, had been in contact with Steven regarding employment opportunities. This lead to work experience placements during the summer with Jordan Plumbing and Select 1 Plumbing – each resulting in outstanding reports from his supervisors.

These employer reports coupled with his performance at St Patrick’s during 2014-15 (where he was also named Plumbing Student of the Year) has now seen Peter signed with the Master Plumbers Association Group Training Scheme as a full-time first year plumbing apprentice, hosted by Select 1 Plumbing.

For Select 1 Plumbing and company owner, Darren West, the Master Plumbers Association, working with St Patrick’s Technical College, has become a significant pathway for his young apprentice workforce. In fact, all four of Select 1’s apprentices are graduates of St Patrick’s Technical College and employed through the Master Plumbers Association Group Training Scheme.

  • Peter Stamatelopoulos (’15) – 1st year apprentice
  • Lachlan Connelly (’15) – 1st year apprentice
  • Lucas Vittorelli (’13) – 2nd year apprentice
  • Matthew Turner (’11) – 3rd year apprentice