New Leaders Commissioned

2019 College Leaders Commissioning (Demo)

Our 2019 College leaders were formally acknowledged today during a special Liturgy. Following their recent appointments, Captains Ethan Saul and Scott Larsen, and Vice-Captains Corey Lloyd and Charlotte Simmons were commissioned in their roles among family and peers.

College Chaplain, Mr John Neate, led the service through prayer and invited the newly appointed leaders to come forward and be blessed while granting them wisdom, courage and honour to serve.

Delivering an account on the qualities of good leadership, Principal Danny Deptula spoke of the importance of attitude and good skills. Honesty and integrity, commitment and passion, a good communicator and listener, taking accountability, decision-making, and vision were among the key traits defined in the success of leadership.

“A lot of people think that a leader needs to be seen all the time to be doing good things,’ Mr Deptula said.

“What I’m saying to you is, to me, what’s more important is what you do when people are not looking.”

The leaders were presented with badges; a symbol of their leadership and to remind the College community of the special role these students will maintain.

Mr Neate finished the memorable service with a final blessing of the badges.

Heavenly Father bless the badges that the student Leaders will wear as a sign of their leadership which has been entrusted to them. Let the students who wear these badges be leaders who generously serve others.”