Work Experience

Work Experience (WEX) is a compulsory part of the St Patrick’s Technical College Work Ready Skills program. It provides the opportunity for students to:

  • explore and experience an area of interest or their trade choice
  • learn, grow and develop skills for the workplace
  • gain valuable feedback from an employer about their general employability skill such as attitude, work ethic, initiative, WHS, punctuality, problem solving abilities, communication and teamwork skills.

A significant number of students are offered Apprenticeships or Traineeships by employers following a successful WEX session.


Six WEX blocks have been scheduled during term time for Year 11 students (Blocks 1-6), and five blocks for Year 12 students (Blocks 1-5).

During Block #1, Year 10 students will be participating in activities arranged by the College. Students will be assessed prior to the commencement of Block #2 for an opportunity to commence Year 10 WEX. Block #2 takes place during Week 5 of Term 2.


Block #1 Year 11 | Year 12 Tues 6 April Fri 9 April Form Due 24 March
Block #2 Year 10-11 | Year 12 Mon 24 May Fri 28 May Form Due 12 May
Block #3 Year 10-11 | Year 12 Mon 28 June Fri 2 July Form Due 16 June
Block #4 Year 10-11 | Year 12 Mon 16 Aug Fri 20 Aug Form Due 4 Aug
Block #5 Year 10-11 | Year 12 Mon 20 Sept Fri 24 Sept Form Due 8 Sept
Block #6 Year 10-11 Mon 15 Nov Fri 19 Nov Form Due 3 Nov
or Year 10-11 Mon 22 Nov Fri 26 Nov Form Due 3 Nov

If having trouble securing WEX in these scheduled blocks, students should consider using their school holiday breaks as alternative or extra WEX opportunities.

Advanced planning for WEX is strongly recommended. This planning could be:

  • being proactive in approaching employers for WEX opportunities and then follow-up phone calls, emails, etc.
  • ensuring the St Patrick’s Technical College Workplace Learning Agreement is fully completed, including all relevant signatures (employer, parent or caregiver, and student). This document is available for download below.

Students are encouraged to seek WEX with employers who are known to support School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships and/or are in need of apprentices or trainees.

Students should always be on the lookout for apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities in their area of interest by checking advertisements published on the College’s internal database, sent to their College email, and displayed on the jobs board in The Hub.