We stand on the shoulders of giants

College History Panel_Hero

The proud College history was recently shared at a QnA panel interview at our Staff Retreat Day. Sincere thanks to the special guests who shared their stories; inaugural Principal Rob Thomas, inaugural Business Development Manager Patrick Kelly, former board member and chairperson Tricia Hicks, foundation and current staff member Vanessa Morley, and old scholars Taylah Suridge and Jared Archer.

Hearing their stories was captivating and a wonderful reminder of our special and unique mission. Rich in history, our College has helped shape the lives of many students in the north of Adelaide, eager to learn trade skills and to commence a trade career.

Our panel has helped us to understand where we’ve come from, and our ‘why’. This is imperative as it guides our College forward.

Thank you to our special guests for the invaluable insight and for your diligence in creating and being a part of a successful and unique College.