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An interview with Victoria Filsell

Meet Victoria Filsell, a student of St Patrick’s Technical College in Edinburgh North. Victoria graduated in 2013 and is now studying a Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science) at Flinders University. While at St Patrick’s, she was awarded a number of honours including:

  • Year 11 Defence Technical Scholarship 2012
  • Year 12 Student of the Year (Applied Engineering) 2013
  • Department of Defence Long Tan awards 2013
  • Year 12 Australian Vocational Student Prize, awarded 2014

Victoria’s passion for STEM has continued in her tertiary study, as discovered in her interview with Pam Gerrard from the Advanced Technology team.

Why did you choose to study at St Patrick’s Technical College?

I’ve always had an interest in Design and Technology. I was at Trinity College and one of the teachers suggested I should study something like child care instead of technology. But that wasn’t for me. So I enrolled into the Advanced Technology, Applied Engineering course at St Patrick’s.

What was it like at St Patrick’s?

The teachers at St Patrick’s were focused on helping us achieve, particularly with the research project in Year 12. And the Applied Engineering course allowed me to achieve my ATAR and gave me a direct entry into university.

What made you select Flinders University?

Flinders is the only university that offers a degree in forensics. I want to be a mechanical forensic specialist, which is the person that analyses cars that have been in a road accident.

What are your plans after university?

Like I said, I really want to be a mechanical forensic specialist, possibly for the SA Police or Forensic Science SA.

What differences have you noticed between studying at high school and studying at university? What do you like most about it?

There are more choices on assignments at university. But I think the biggest difference is that students genuinely want to be here. I really like how independent the learning is and that you need to be organised and motivated.

This interview is published with thanks to Pam Gerrard, Industry Broker with the Advanced Technology Project (DECD).