Over 1270 apprenticeship commencements since 2007


When we came out for the College Open Day, we were so impressed with the environment and the feel of the school. We also liked how many male teachers there are and, for us anyway, we find our boys relate better to men. The biggest positive our boys going to StPatsTech is that they had focus which sets them on a clear pathway for the future.

Tracey Kessner, mother of two Old Scholars (Sep 2017)

What he’s done before at school has certainly helped him have a much higher level of expertise from what we were expecting for a first year apprentice.

Scott Wendland, Emmett’s Service Manager, Roseworthy (Sep 2017)

I really saw is as a chance to start my career early by coming to StPats. That’s how I look at it, as a chance to start my career earlier than I would of if I’d stayed at my old school for years 11 and 12.

Jack Ranaldo, 17, Apprentice Electrician (Electrotechnology '17)

He came with a bit more knowledge than the normal kids straight out of school and that really helped.

Jeff Woods, Builder (Sep 2017)

The thing about StPatsTech is that it doesn’t have just normal teachers who haven’t experienced the things that you want to do. The teachers are often mechanics and understand what it’s really like in the industry.

Aiden Bird, 22, Old Scholar / Diesel Mechanic (Sep 2017)

I want to be in hairdressing for the rest of my life, I just love it. I really like the business aspect of it as well. One of the good things about StPatsTech is all our maths (for the School of Hair and Beauty) is really business focused because that is the kind of maths we will need in the future.

Dana Postle, 17 (Hair & Beauty '17)

If I didn’t go to StPatsTech I would of just done normal high school in Year 11 and 12 and probably not have gone anywhere with my career. The school helped me get my job.

James Mazzoleni, Apprentice Mechanic (Automotive '17)

Most of our apprentices are from StPatsTech because of the preparation done at the College for the students to enter the workforce. Those work ready skills are often what gets the StPatsTech students over the line.

Michael Olszewski, Stratco (Aug 2017)

It was also a real advantage that (the apprentice) had workshop knowledge when he came to us.

Noella Curnow, Salisbury Transmission Specialists (Jun 2017)

I came here and felt I was able to spread my wings and do things that interested me. I was ultimately very happy at StPatsTech being able to do what I loved and having the support from staff and through work experience create a network of support. I became a lot stronger and a lot more mature as well. It really gave us the opportunity to focus on ourselves.

Victoria Filsell, 21, Old Scholar (Engineering '14)

We are very proud and pleased to be part of the St Patrick's team and look forward to giving young men and women more opportunities in the future.

Steven Prisk, Master Plumbers Association SA (Feb 2015)

My son is a successful graduate and has never looked back since then, working at ASC.

Mum (Oct 2014)

St Pat's Tech in my view is UNRIVALLED in their level of curriculum choices and style of education for Years 11 and 12. And not only that, I do not know where to begin to describe the level of dedication, attention to detail, and genuine interest and concern for student well-being displayed by all staff members that I've had dealings with.

Mum (Jun 2014)

The school is fantastic! My son has become a completely different person since starting at St Pat's - he enjoys coming to school every day. I have recommended the school to many friends and acquaintances.

Mum (Jun 2014)

St Pat's gives our young men and women a great alternative to mainstream schooling. We welcome the opportunity to be involved. You can count on our continued support!

Jim Rouse, Totally Workwear (Nov 2013)

St Patrick's really is a great environment for young boys to develop into young men. We would like to thank all the staff at St Patrick's who taught our two sons over the past few years.

Mum & Dad (Nov 2013)

I would like to sincerely thank all the staff for assisting my daughter in her time at St Patrick's. I believe that both my children have been successful in obtaining their careers because of the excellent schooling the College has provided.

Mum (Jul 2012)

Thanks for all the hard work you put into our son's schooling! He is settling nicely into work at ASC. He has been at TAFE for the past few weeks and nailing all the exams - getting distinction and passes - which reflects on all your teachers' persistence!

Mum & Dad (Mar 2012)

I would like to extend my gratitude to St Pat's Tech for helping my son gain the confidence to push forward with this path. As parents we can only do so much and the young men only listen to us so much! The professionalism, enthusiasm and support of the personnel at the school has made a positive impact so thank you and the team at St Pat's!

Mum (Mar 2011)

We’ve had two boys go through St Pat's and it has been a positive experience for both of them. They’re both now working as apprentice carpenters. We moved from our existing school because both of our boys were very certain that they wanted a trade career and we were quite happy that they could finish their schooling and focus on trade subjects. They were both happy to do subjects that they could see had an obvious relevance to what they wanted to do for a living. They didn't want to do poetry or things they could see were going to be irrelevant. From a parents' point of view, that swayed us. Our boys could finish school and get their SACE while concentrating on what they needed for their professional life. My advice to parents: if your kids are focussed on a particular trade then the College is the way to go. It’s not an easy way out of school – you need to apply yourself and commit but the kids that work hard will get an apprenticeship and a real head-start.

Mum & Dad (Jul 2010)

At St Patrick’s, the teachers have a different approach - they’re more personal and one on one. They treat our son like they’re in the workplace. I’d recommend St Patrick's to anybody. If you’re a parent and your kids are struggling to work out what they want to do, you should send your kids to the College. At his old school, he was losing focus and just not interested in the work because he’s not a heads-in-the-books kind of kid. He is treated more like an adult and so he’s happier than he’s ever been. He’s got an apprenticeship in plumbing and he’s also going to finish Year 12, which is an amazing achievement for him and I’ve kept him in school, which is an amazing achievement for me!

Dad (Jul 2010)

St Patrick's gets the balance of education right. Kids that come here work hard if they know the things they’re studying will greatly help them.

Mum (Jun 2010)