Will your next tradie come from St Patrick’s?

St-Patricks-image (Demo)

This week Director of Catholic Education SA, Helen O’Brien, had the pleasure of meeting with the School Board at St Patrick’s Technical College, Edinburgh North. The School Board members comprise both educational personnel and business representatives who have strategic relationships with the college. They are all passionate about the vocational outcomes for all of their students.

Helen says that St Patrick’s Technical College provides a strong vocational pathway for young people from the north, from Catholic, government and independent schools. This is a light house school which has a bright and secure future in our Catholic system. Both St Patrick’s Technical College and Marcellin Technical College enjoy the strong support of Archbishop Wilson who often expresses delight in knowing of their work and the contributions they make to the lives of young people.

Over its relatively short history, St Patrick’s Technical College has seen almost 700 apprentices exit from the college into local industry. This is an extraordinary achievement! Perhaps the next trades person you engage will have begun his or her career at St Patrick’s!

“I congratulate Principal, Rob Thomas and his staff for the significant work they do” Helen said.

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