Building woodworking skills

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In the Trade Applications – Joinery subject, our Year 10 students have been learning the fundamentals of woodworking by getting to know materials and the tools used to cut, shape, join and finish projects.
Students are hard at work making a portable and foldable lap table, for working on their laptop or for that special breakfast in bed!
Made from pine wood with a feature piece of hardwood, either Walnut or Jarrah, this piece is a skill-building project and a functional piece demonstrating measuring, cutting and joinery skills.
The project requires students to become familiar and confident in using various hand tools, including chisels and saws, and powered equipment, including drop saws, compound mitre saws, portable routers, and orbital sanders.
Learning different methods of joins, including a ‘biscuit’ joint for the top surface pieces that involves inserting a wooden spine in slots cut into two corresponding pieces of wood. A cross-halving joint used for the assembly of the folding legs, a common woodworking joining method where half the thickness is removed from both pieces of timber where they cross.
The project will be undertaken over several weeks with an option of a design applied to the top surface using a laser engraver. We look forward to seeing the final products!

Year 10 Trade Applications – Joinery

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