Experiencing Retreat

2024 Year 11 Retreat_Hero

Our Year 11 students were provided with a unique opportunity by attending the very first Year 11 Retreat for St Patrick’s Technical College. For three days, from 18-20 March, students stepped outside the classroom in the picturesque native bushland of Piccadilly where they were greeted with some awesome autumn weather for their stay at Woodhouse Adventure Park.

The retreat was designed to offer students a moment of pause in what is a very busy period as they balance the challenges of being a Year 11 student. Students were invited to break down barriers, step out of their comfort zones, and engage in mindful, spiritual, and wellbeing-based activities.  The aim of this experience was to encourage personal growth and self-discovery by providing students with a range of experiences aimed at fostering resilience, teamwork, and spiritual reflection.

Students participated in several activities including team-building exercises, spiritual reflections, wellbeing workshops and outdoor adventure challenges supported by college staff and the leadership team.

The camaraderie between the students was evident as they connected with students both within and away from their friendship or trade groups and participated in a wide range of activities that were designed with getting them to develop relationships.

It was an extremely positive experience for the students and a valuable opportunity for students and staff to get to know each other.