College Building Site Visit

11PCP Onsite Build Visit
With various building works taking shape at the College, students have had the opportunity to see first-hand what is involved in upgrading our facilities.
Recently our Year 11 Plumbing students made a visit to the staffroom building site where contractors Jordan Plumbing have been undertaking various plumbing upgrades. PEER trainer Brendan organised the visit as part of the students’ VET training to inspect the install and to ask questions about the work and opportunities for work experience.
A familiar face was amongst the tradies working on the project – old scholar Larry Pezzaniti (Class of 2018). It’s always fantastic to see our students out in the workforce and enjoying tradie life!
As part of Stage 1, 2, and 3 of the College’s Master Plan, several works have taken shape this year. New student amenities are now in commission, a new wellbeing office is nearly complete, and the removal of windows from classrooms surrounding the central courtyard are being removed to allow for the install of new windows and doors for access to the courtyard. A newly installed canopy will be erected during the April school holidays for students to enjoy this space all year round.
Our builders, Harrold & Kite, commenced demolition and building works at the College at the end of 2023. It has provided opportunities for students to see various trades working on site and restrictions and compliance within a building site.