Construction Industry Pathways

2024 Year 10 Bricklaying_Hero
It has been a hive of activity in the Construction workshops with Year 10 students taking up trowels and spirit levels to brick lay around their built timber frames.
Students have been introduced to the trade of bricklaying as part of their Construction Industry Trade Applications subject; understanding bricklaying terms, using basic industry tools, and learning to mix and apply mortar.
Students commenced their training by following a residential construction process in levelling a floor frame, building the timber wall frames, 1st Fixing plumbing and electrical elements, before moving onto bricklaying and internal lining.
As part of the College’s curriculum, Industry Trade Applications introduces students to specialised fields of work. It provides opportunities to explore, develop new skills, and discover a field of interest they may want to pursue as a career pathway.
All Year 10 students undertake Construction Industry Trade Applications for one semester. This Semester classes 1, 2, and 3 have been experiencing construction trade fields, while next Semester classes 4 and 5 commence their exploration and training.
With the current high demand for bricklayers providing opportunities for steady work and a rewarding career, we may see some of our students eager to pursue a career in this area. We hope to expose the students to many trades to allow them the opportunity to further explore these throughout their WEX.