Female students awarded College’s 2022 top awards


For the first time in its history, St Patrick’s Technical College has awarded two female students with the College’s 2022 top awards.

The prestigious Max Davids Award – Apprentice of the Year, is named in recognition of the significant contribution made by Max Davids in the founding and development of the college. This was awarded to Metals and Engineering student Rebecca Hlinak (pictured above) at the 2022 Graduation & Awards Dinner.

The award is presented to a student in recognition of demonstrated skills excellence and outstanding employability skills, as evidence through the attainment of a school-based apprenticeship, in conjunction with the successful completion of the SACE.

The Principal’s Award – Student of the Year, was awarded to Construction student Ella Damare (pictured below). It is presented to a student who the College Principal Mr Danny Deptula, after consultation with staff, considers to be the College’s most outstanding campus-based student.

Principal Danny Deptula said the Principal’s Award recognised a student who had demonstrated outstanding academic and trade training performance as well as an unwavering commitment to achieving their goals and their SACE.

“Most importantly, our College’s top awards recognise students who exemplify the values of our College: Welcome, Hope, Service, Respect and Celebrate,” Mr Deptula said.

“All of our graduates and award winners are fine examples of the successful outcomes attained by the students of St Patrick’s Technical College. With the right attitude, many of our 2022 graduates will go on to take their place amongst our amazing success stories.”

St Patrick’s Technical College continues to positively change the lives of young adults and be very successful in supporting students to reach their apprenticeship goals.

“Never underestimate the power of finding happiness through continual learning and education through an apprenticeship or as a skilled tradesperson,” Mr Deptula said.

“An apprenticeship can lead to happiness as an awesome skilled tradesperson. A profession that can take you anywhere and set you up to successfully navigate whatever it is that the world throws at us economically.

“An apprenticeship is just another name for a different type of 4-year degree. A degree which requires a high degree of skills and academics where you get to use both your brain and your hands at the same time.”

During the evening 17 individual awards were presented to outstanding students and apprentices as part of the College’s annual Awards Program valued at more than $10,000 thanks to the generosity and support of sponsors.