CMV Trucks (Demo)

Young people seeking apprenticeships need to stand out from the crowd by sharing their passions and practical skills, according to one employer.

Workshop Training Manager from CMV Trucks, Troy Seyfang, stopped by St Patrick’s Technical College recently to speak with Year 11 and 12 Automotive studies students.

CMV Trucks is in the processing of hiring apprentices to start in 2019 and Mr Seyfang said students need to ensure they stand out from the crowd by sharing with employers their hobbies, passions and aspirations.

“I want you (the students) to tell me why you are a good fit for my business,’’ Mr Seyfang said.

“Tell my about your passion, any work you do or other projects. I want to know you are a practical person, good with your hands, good with your mind and can think things through. I want to know that if I give you the job you will 110 per cent go for it and be a great apprentice for us.’’

Mr Seyfang said StPatsTech students often fared well in securing work because of the strong workshop and technical skills they learn at the College.

“StPatsTech does give students a step above other schools whose students may apply because of the mechanical and technical side of things here at the College.’’

Mr Seyfang also urged the students to work hard on their Maths and English as both subjects are vital to being a good mechanic.

Enrolments are now open for 2019 and 2020 at StPatsTech.