StPatsTech students work with the best

Milwaukee2 (Demo)

St Patrick’s Technical College students will have access to some of the best tools on the market thanks to Adelaide Tools and Milwaukee.

Adelaide Tools, which supplies Milwaukee, has long been a support of the College and has helped the College upgrade its Building and Construction workshops tools to the newest Milwaukee machines.

Andy Haronen from Adelaide Tools said by investing in StPatsTech, the companies were investing in the future of the building and construction industry.

“We want to ensure the students have the right tools for the right job and access to the correct specialists for advice. This means they will be better tradesmen and women,’’ Mr Haronen said.

“There’s nothing better than seeing a young apprentice come through using our tools at the College to then go onto run their own business and continue to return to Adelaide Tools for that specialist advice and support.”

Shane Keelan Job Site Solutions officer from Milwaukee Tools said supporting young people at the start of their career was important.

“We have an excellent reputation for safety and instilling safe work practices with the right tools. It’s important those safety habits start early in a tradesperson’s career,’’ Mr Keelan said.

The College has new drills and Milwaukee will sponsor one of the College’s 2018 student awards. The company will also offer training and support for students and staff. Adelaide Tools and Milwaukee will also support students with apprenticeship discounts as well.Milwaukee

College Principal Danny Deptula thanked Adelaide Tools and Milwaukee for helping the College upgrade its tools and for supporting young apprentices.

“It’s very important that our students are using the best professional level tools on the market,’’ Mr Deptula said.

“These students are often out in the workforce during Year 12, so they need to know what tools to use when and how to handle the machines safely. Thank you Adelaide Tools and Milwaukee for supporting young apprentices.’’