2024 Year 10 Transition Day

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We recently held a Transition Day for our 2024 Year 10 cohort. It was wonderful to officially welcome students, families, and caregivers to the College in what is an important transition time into senior secondary education and a new learning environment.

The day commenced with a shared breakfast before the official presentation on what makes our College so unique and how students can best make use of the opportunities provided to them as a student of St Patrick’s Technical College.

What better way to understand how we do things as a trade College than participating in Try-A-Trade sessions. Students were on the tools in the Electrotechnology, Construction, Metals & Engineering, and Automotive workshops. While some learned how to wire power points and change tyres, others were supported in making phone holders and candle holders, just in time for Christmas!

Pastoral Care Mentors will be instrumental in supporting students during their Year 10 journey. The day provided opportunities for students to meet with their mentors and engage in activities with their peers.

We are very excited to welcome our 2024 Year 10 cohort for next year and to start the new school year together with a fun-filled Orientation Camp in Week 1!

2024 Year 10 Transition Day

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