A weld of difference

Year 11 Metals Plumbing Welding Project Awards (Demo)

Developing their knowledge and skills in the metal fabrication industry, Year 11 Plumbing and Metals & Engineering students have successfully completed a Welding Project. Devised and overseen by Century Engineering, the project delivers the skills required for students to competently weld to the Australian Standard.

Thank you to Andrew Sinclair from Century Engineering for presenting awards to our outstanding students in this project. Congratulations to Jordan Ranasinghe awarded Best Theory, to Charlotte Simmons for Best Practical, and to Christopher Skelton Best Overall. All winners received a Cigweld welding helmet from Century Engineering.

Information Technology teacher Mr Brad Sheridan said many teachers, trainers and mentors were involved in the project, overseeing and assisting students learning new skills.

“The major component of this project was to complete a fillet weld with a theory component completed in the students’ Cross-Disciplinary Studies class,” Mr Sheridan said.

“John Knop from Century Engineering was vital to this project in teaching our students the practical skills in achieving correct weld size and shape. Thank you to Andrew Sinclair for overseeing the whole project and continuing to support our students in learning and welding safety in this industry.”

As part of the project, students attended several site visits, including to Century Engineering, to Intertek to have their welds tested, and to GPA to look at the design and insurance process.

St Patrick’s Technical College collaborates with Defence contractor Century Engineering as part of the Northern Adelaide P-TECH Australia learning program. Century Engineering is a leading manufacturing company with key capabilities in manufacturing, general engineering services, water/water reuse solutions and new machining capabilities.

Through the program the College is partnered with defence industry, working in partnership with several businesses to bridge the gap between school and the workforce. The overarching aim is to build the capabilities and technical skills young people need to succeed in school, further education and work.

Engaging in several projects throughout the year, the program challenges students’ skills they would require for their chosen industry and provides high school students with the foundation skills they will need to be part of the Defence industry in Adelaide.