‘Game Over – Disconnecting Our Kids’ Parent Session

2024 Game Over Parent Session_Social Graphics

We invite our College families, friends and the community to the ‘Game Over – Disconnecting Our Kids’ parent session. The one-hour presentation will address the psychological effects of addiction rather than just the physical attributes of chemical substances. This session is an open invitation to families and friends outside of the College community interested in this topic. Registrations Essential: https://forms.office.com/r/cBDc5m9k6K

International professional speaker Glen Gerreyn from The HopeFull Institute will discuss the nature and process of addiction where parents and caregivers will be informed and prepared with realistic ideas to help their children create healthy habits.

This is an interactive, relevant and contemporary presentation on the nature and process of addiction, including examples of computer usage, drugs and alcohol, social media, video games, smartphones, pornography, toxic relationships and more.

The parent session educates parents and caregivers on the four psychological effects of addiction:

  • experimentation
  • misuse
  • fixation; and
  • dependency.

Parents and caregivers are shown the emotional states associated with each stage and the behaviour characteristics that accompany them. This gives parents and caregivers a realistic and ‘everyday’ understanding on how easily addiction can progress from one stage to the next.

Click here to view the ‘Game Over’ flyer.