Onsite Work Experience for Students

2024 WEX Onsite_Hero
With building works taking shape at the College, a couple of our Year 12 students were able to jump on the tools for Work Experience week.
Under the supervision of Site Manager Phil, from Harrold & Kite master builders, students Lars Bowen and Josh Hearn were assisting on various jobs, in particular the preparation for the install of new doors and frames for the classrooms surrounding the central courtyard.
Lars and Josh removed the mechanisms from the existing windows, prepared for the removal of the glass and frames, and fabricated and installed temporary walling.
With various trades onsite undertaking diverse work, it has provided the students with opportunities to see tradies carrying-out their work and to learn more about different industries.
Site Manager Phil, a carpenter and builder with 27 years’ experience working with Harrold & Kite, has been an amazing mentor for the students. Phil has provided an abundance of knowledge and many words of wisdom.
“You need to understand the environment you are working in, for example a school, a hospital, and understand the people working in it to make it work,” Phil says.
“At the end of the day, the job is about problem solving and every problem has a solution.”
The building works will provide more opportunities for students to get involved during work experience weeks and to learn about the various trades working onsite.