‘Restorative Practices’ Parent Session

2024 Restorative Practices Parent Session_Social Graphics

Parents and caregivers are invited to the ‘Restorative Practices’ parent session, a one-hour workshop with Kirsty Lush from Real Schools. Hear how we can work together as parents and teachers to mould young people for today and tomorrow. Held at the College on Tuesday 19 March 2024, at 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

How can we use the same strategies to manage behaviour, encourage responsibility, and improve the chances of success?

They seem like outrageously big questions, don’t they? And they are… but they do have answers. Unfortunately, too often parents and schools are not on the same page when it comes to answering them.

St Patrick’s Technical College wants to do something about that, and has commenced a partnership with Real Schools to make it happen. But the College can’t do it alone.

During the session, Kirsty will:

  • Tell you all about the Restorative Practices Partnership that the College is embarking on.
  • Provide you with strategies to use immediately in your parenting – the same strategies teachers are using now.
  • Learn how to respond, rather than react, to your child’s behaviour.
  • Share the best ways to build a meaningful partnership with our College.

Registrations essential! Please click here to book your spot 👉 https://forms.office.com/r/J8TAh7g1qK


Click here to view the ‘Restorative Practices’ flyer.