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First Fix Electrics

Our Year 11 Electrotechnology students have been installing electrical supports and cable containments as part of the First Fix – Stage 1 in their electrical installation.

The first fix involves the positioning and securing of a PVC junction box which is used to house the cable splices and protects the connections inside, cable trucking and conduits including brackets and anchors, as well as mounting switches and sockets.

Over the next few weeks, students will then work on Stages 2-5, carrying out installation of cables, terminating, testing, and commissioning – making sure it all works!

Making Connections

In the SACE subject of Industry Connections, our Year 11 Electrotechnology students are developing and applying their knowledge and skills through hands-on projects.

This term, students have had the option to produce a house wiring system model or a digital clock. Both projects require students to identify electrical system components, understand circuit diagrams, fine tune their skills in the use of hand tools as well as CAD/CAM products, and test, fault find and repair any defects.

Creating authentic Middle Eastern flavours

Our Food & Hospitality students have combined various skills in the kitchen to prepare and create a lamb kofta dish. Accompanied with pita bread and a couscous salad, it was all about the flavours! A mix of herbs and spices have taken taste buds on a middle eastern adventure.

A focus of the dish was on the warm, fragrant pita bread made from scratch. This delicious round flatbread is easy to make at home with a simple dough requiring few ingredients and cooked in an oiled skillet.

Thrive@Work Student Leadership Program

It’s National Careers Week, 15-21 May 2023, and we’re excited to have kicked-off a new student Personal Leadership Pilot Program at the College!

Over the next 14 weeks, several Year 11 and 12 students will be participating in a Personal Leadership program facilitated by Generation Thrive. This is an exciting opportunity for students to go beyond the familiar technical and educational skills training to further develop in-demand and transferrable life and personal skills to set them apart in the workforce and create a habit of achievement.

Participating in their first workshop this week, students have been introduced to the program where they will now start planning their future goals, build habits and confidence to gain and succeed in employment, and learn to thrive across all areas of life.

The program is funded by CITB South Australia and led by Generation Thrive with a blend of face-to-face group workshops and independent online learning sessions.

Thank you to Olivia and Courtney for an awesome introduction to the program!

Industry connections

The College has fantastic industry and business connections providing our students with invaluable insights into trade pathways and opportunities for work trials, work experience, and apprenticeships.
Over several weeks in Term 1, students in Year 11 have attended presentations from STIHL, Pipe Weld Australia, TAPS – Trainee and Apprentice Placement Service, and Stevens Group – businesses passionate about their industries and training apprentices as the next-generation of skilled workers.
Thank you to the following presenters:
Steve and Martin – STIHL
Max, Taz, and Hayden (#StPatsTech Old Scholar) – Pipe Weld Australia
Ricky and Nikkia – TAPS – Trainee and Apprentice Placement Service
Layton – Stevens Group (Structural Steel and 1st Fix Carpentry)

Archbishop visits on St Patrick’s Day

It was a blessing and honour to welcome special guest Archbishop Patrick O’Regan to the College for St Patrick’s Day. Our favourite celebration commenced with a walk-through of our trade classes led by our student leaders, morning tea with the famous green donuts, and a Year 10 Liturgy.
Thank you to Archbishop O’Regan for presiding over the special liturgy. Saint Patrick’s story was shared and highlighted the twists, turns, and journeys he faced, yet persevered through his love of God.
Thank you to special guests Dr Neil McGoran, Director of Catholic Education South Australia, City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty, College Chairperson Pat Bosco for celebrating the day with us, and to Old Scholar Taylah Suridge (Class of ’15), for sharing her #StPatsTech story and her path towards a successful career and business.
Our celebrations were a fantastic opportunity for students to engage and hear from our Catholic leaders and to experience the joy St Patrick’s Day brings!

Embracing his plumbing career: Old Scholar Chad Davis

Enjoying tradie life, third year plumbing apprentice and St Pat’s Old Scholar (Class of ’20), Chad Davis is embracing his plumbing career.

“I absolutely love everything about my trade – meeting new clients, being able to assist them when in need, and being the best I can.”

“My week will consist of unblocking drains, installing hot water systems, diagnosing all plumbing related problems and then fixing them.”

Employed by local family owned and operated business Playford Plumbing and Gas, Chad undertook several work experience placements with the business before securing his apprenticeship.

“During work experience at St Pat’s, I had opportunities to try a range of different trades and find a trade that was fitting to me,” Chad said.

“I commenced at the college as a construction student, but because of the flexibility of the curriculum, I was able to try a range of trades and found that plumbing was what I wanted to do as a career.

“After gaining my apprenticeship, finishing Year 12 was still important to me and having the ongoing support of all my teachers. Commencing as a school-based apprentice meant I was able to still complete my Year 12 (SACE) studies.”

The College’s apprenticeship and traineeship manager, Alicea Sherin, says school-based apprenticeships are allowing students to gain practical skills, learn and earn on the job, and at the same time work towards completing the SACE.

“Rather than dropping out of school to seek a full-time apprenticeship, students are continuing with their secondary schooling and achieving a higher level of learning.

“There’s a level of maturity that comes along with a school-based apprenticeship – the students are already out in the workplace, so they understand the importance of work expectations and responsibility.”

With tradie demand on the rise across the country and with the current climate of worker and skill shortage, there is a bank of opportunities for young people to commence their trade careers.

Already 23 students at the College have successfully secured apprenticeships this school year. Like Chad, of those, six students have commenced their first trade career in plumbing.

“We are witnessing an increased number of employers contacting the College to promote employment and work experience opportunities within their business,” Sherin says.

“Opportunities for students to undertake work trials, work experience, and apply for apprenticeship opportunities, which are then published on our digital job noticeboard accessible by students, parents, and teachers.

“Students are very keen to enter the plumbing industry and are actively seeking these employment opportunities.

“Once they have identified through work experience the type of plumbing they want to work in, and have gained their drivers licence to meet employer’s employment needs, students have the opportunity to register their interest in applying for an apprenticeship opportunity.”

As for as long as he can remember, Chad has always wanted to be on the tools and is thankful for his trade learning.

“At St Pat’s, there was more hands-on trade explicit learning. I am a person who learns better with their hands and for me a mainstream school couldn’t do that,” Chad said.

“The trade curriculum was relevant, and it kept me engaged. I feel university is not for everyone and personally, I feel a trade school pathway was more for me.”

Students interested in a plumbing career can commence trade learning at the college and enrol in the plumbing program undertaking a Certificate II in Plumbing (pre-apprenticeship).

Students who successfully gain an apprenticeship will either remain enrolled at the college, completing their Year 10, 11 or 12 SACE requirements as a school-based apprentice or trainee, or will choose to exit the college due to gaining a full-time apprenticeship or employment.

Female students awarded College’s 2022 top awards

For the first time in its history, St Patrick’s Technical College has awarded two female students with the College’s 2022 top awards.

The prestigious Max Davids Award – Apprentice of the Year, is named in recognition of the significant contribution made by Max Davids in the founding and development of the college. This was awarded to Metals and Engineering student Rebecca Hlinak (pictured above) at the 2022 Graduation & Awards Dinner.

The award is presented to a student in recognition of demonstrated skills excellence and outstanding employability skills, as evidence through the attainment of a school-based apprenticeship, in conjunction with the successful completion of the SACE.

The Principal’s Award – Student of the Year, was awarded to Construction student Ella Damare (pictured below). It is presented to a student who the College Principal Mr Danny Deptula, after consultation with staff, considers to be the College’s most outstanding campus-based student.

Principal Danny Deptula said the Principal’s Award recognised a student who had demonstrated outstanding academic and trade training performance as well as an unwavering commitment to achieving their goals and their SACE.

“Most importantly, our College’s top awards recognise students who exemplify the values of our College: Welcome, Hope, Service, Respect and Celebrate,” Mr Deptula said.

“All of our graduates and award winners are fine examples of the successful outcomes attained by the students of St Patrick’s Technical College. With the right attitude, many of our 2022 graduates will go on to take their place amongst our amazing success stories.”

St Patrick’s Technical College continues to positively change the lives of young adults and be very successful in supporting students to reach their apprenticeship goals.

“Never underestimate the power of finding happiness through continual learning and education through an apprenticeship or as a skilled tradesperson,” Mr Deptula said.

“An apprenticeship can lead to happiness as an awesome skilled tradesperson. A profession that can take you anywhere and set you up to successfully navigate whatever it is that the world throws at us economically.

“An apprenticeship is just another name for a different type of 4-year degree. A degree which requires a high degree of skills and academics where you get to use both your brain and your hands at the same time.”

During the evening 17 individual awards were presented to outstanding students and apprentices as part of the College’s annual Awards Program valued at more than $10,000 thanks to the generosity and support of sponsors.

2023 College Leaders

We are excited to announce our new #StPatsTech College Leaders for 2023. This week our leaders were commissioned into their new roles to commence an important act of service – advocating for the student body, continuing to build positive relationships, and representing the College in the wider community.

Congratulations to Layla Syed, our new College Captain, and to Shanara Healy, Mitchell Tidswell and Jayden Carmody, as our College Vice Captains.

It was a privilege to welcome Matt Burnell MP, Federal Member for Spence, to our celebrations and bestow a few words of wisdom as a leader in our community. Mr Burnell reciprocated the message of the important role our leaders will head and how their relationships with their peers will influence, inspire, and help them to become their best selves.

A new Aboriginal Flag, Australian Flag, and Torres Strait Island Flag were presented to our College Captain.

“Rome was not built in one day.”

– John Heywood

It takes time, sometimes years, to master a skill or craft… but practice makes progress. Over several weeks, our Year 11 Construction students have been keeping perspective and focussing on the importance of laying one brick after another – acquiring new skills, being consistent, improving one brick at a time, and building collectively.